CREDENTIALS - details...
W3Schools Certificate - International
Certified HTML Developer
Certified CSS Developer
TESDA Certificates - National
NC2 - Computer Hardware Servicing
NC2 - Computer Systems Servicing
NC3 - Visual Graphics Design
University Diploma - National


Search Engine Optimization - for almost 5 years of experience

  1. Use automation tool such us Senukexcr and a like.
  2. Strategize Campaign base on niche and Level of Competition
  3. Directory Submission and Set-up
  4. Reputation Management
  5. On Page optimization
  6. Other aspect of Off Page SEO

Joomla, Wordpress and CSS coded Website - Web Design and Web Master 

  1. Create from Scratch
  2. Customized template
  3. Maintain and Improve Website with SEO in Mind

Virtual Assistant and SEO Team Managing

  1. Can be your Personal Assistant
  2. Can Manage a Team to do SEO for you website or company

Video Creation, Optimization and Marketing Strategies

  1. Optimize Video Content for Marketing 
  2. Optimize Video tags for Marketing

Social Media Optimization and Marketing

  1. Social Media Account Creation, Maintenance, Posting and ETC

Data Research, Data Entry

  1. Can Handle image Upload, data research, tedious copy and paste tasks, manual uploads and etc. full text here



Experience, and other website - Amar Mahallati

  •  Webmaster, develop a website from templates
  • SEO - directory submissions, meta tags set-up, keyword research, google analytic
  • Data entry and video creating and publishing - RJ Baxter

  • Virtual Assistant 
  • Webmaster, develop website from scratch using Joomla
  • SEO (off-page and on-page)
  • Data entry and video publishing , - Khaled Mahallati

  • Develop e-commerce website using Joomla
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Social media marketing -> FB, Twitter and Instagram
  • Data Entry and more... - Jason Ohrum

  • SEO Team Manage -> implement my own SEO strategy for his 20 client websites
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Social Media Marketing  and Directory Submissions, -Jack Corn

  • Virtual Assistant
  • Set-up Information for lead kahuna and, traffic geyser submissions, reputation management
  • Set-up directory websites for clients
  • Create videos, directory listing and other various tasks
  • Managed at least 12 of his client websites - Cam Gittler

  • Create HTML website - sbbeachliving and montecitolodge
  • Video creation and submission
  • Manual submission on backlinks (blog commenting and directory submission)
  • Social media management

 note:  I can provide a video(snippets) on email exchanges regarding the works we had several years/months ago. 






"To see is to believe", please have a time reading my humble accomplishments and hard-earned friendship, straight from my previous employers.

An incredible worker...  I'll surely work with him again...  Help me on several projects...  Open-minded employee...
 Implement his own SEO techniques...  Has been a loyal employee to...  fulfilled responsibilities little supervision... Created  & optimized my website...
Big part on our website's success...  soon...  soon...  soon...






Mindanao State University - Institute of Technology :
  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering - 4 year Undergraduate
  • Electrical Engineering Technology major in Electrical Machinery - Graduated on April 2011
  • Electrical Engineering Technology major in Electrical Power Distribution - Graduated April 2012
  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology - Graduated April 2013
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Financial Management - Graduating this coming May or April 2016


Technical Education and Skills Development Authority - Certificates : ISO 9001 Certified :

The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) is the government agency tasked to manage and supervise technical education and skills development (TESD) in the Philippines. It was created by virtue of Republic Act 7796, otherwise known as the “Technical Education and Skills Development Act of 1994”.

  • National Certificate III - Visual Graphic Design - Issued last May 2014
  • National Certificate II - Computer Systems Servicing - Issued last September 2015
  • National Certificate II - Computer Hardware Servicing - Issued last October 2013
  • National Certificate II - Driving - Issued last October 2014

note: all TESDA certificates verification page is - HERE Certificates -
  • Certified HTML Developer - Issued last November 2014
  • Certified CSS Developer - Issued last February 2014

 note: all W3Schools certificates verification page is - HERE


Seminars/Workshop Attended
  • Young People's Summit - Building Bridges, Strengthening Solidarity : last October 2004 with Certificate of Participation
  • Youth Caucus - Building Bridges, Strengthening Solidarity : last September 2004 with Certificate of Participation
  • Organizational Development and Project Management (ODPM) Training - Workshop : last November 2005 with Certificate of Participation


  • Registered Master Electrician since May 2011
  • Bonafide Member of CFC - Singles for Christ Community since November 2013





More about me...

University Years
Before Working Online
Joomla Webmaster
Introduction to Search Engine Optimization
Virtual Assistant

University Years

Passionate 27 year old student and outsourced seo worker from small town of Magallanes where the famous centennial tree lived. My college days started way back year 2004. After graduating high school, I went to college to study engineering. Due to inevitable circumstances (no need to mention it) I was not able to finish my engineering course. Eager to finish a college degree I shift from engineering to technical courses. 

While studying technical course in electrical engineering, studying computer was a hobby. I forgot the date but I can still remember the scene when online work was introduce to me. A friend inspired me to work online due to shared success by his friends on college. Inspired I was, if my memory is serves me well, I can still remember that there is no day in a week that I dont read about blogs, html, css and other  topic related to online work. 

I signed up a profile first at odesk and then at Although I was still studying, I am already working as an joomla webmaster for a Danish employer. Working with him is fruitful and awesome. I learned a lot from him.

Even with all the interruption from work, I still manage to finish my study and empower myself in the area of information and technology.

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Before Working Online

During the first 2 years of my college days, I spent lots of my time studying my subjects while studying how to use computer. That is literal! Back to high school days, to use a computer is a privilege for me. I grew up in a family which can only afford to eat 3 times a day, and sometime twice a day. That being said, is a concrete proof that personal computer is indeed a privilege. Back then, typing on a keyboard is pretty tough for me. Although I use both hands while typing, but I only use two fingers to hit the keyboard buttons, one index finger on the left and one index finger on the right. A cliché for most of computer novice.

With diligence and hard work, I was able to hone my skills on computer repairs and maintenance. An unnamed engineer was my first mentor. Although he was not a computer engineer, his methods and wisdom on computer is more than enough to fill my blank slate. With his wisdom and my eagerness to learn, it’s like a supernova wants to explode.

It all started during the time when the office I worked before as a volunteer needs to create their own website. That time, I am totally new to the world of web development that even a simple html tags and css code is a cipher code. He (unnamed engineer) always encourages me to learn web development using Joomla. Joomla as a CMS is user friendly but needs time and reading. Resourcefulness is the key to learn joomla. There are bunch of information around the internet to help you understand Joomla.

Approximately after 2 months, I was able to finish the website using a template. It is as if giving a linear  equation problem to a fifth grader student, the only difference this fifth grader is old enough to learn things through reading and asking questions.

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Joomla Webmaster

Before I start working as an outsourced Joomla webmaster, I worked as a Joomla webmaster for several Non-Government Organization around Iligan City.  It was a symbiotic relationship, I maintain their website and in return I learn and study joomla for free. A win-win solution!

While working as an outsourced Joomla webmaster, I had the privilege to use the office desktop computer for online work. That time, I don’t have my own personal computer for work, so I grab the opportunity to both help and earn money. After approximately 3 months and 10 to 12 hours per day of online work, I was able to buy my own computer for outsource/online work.

On the other hand, aside from work and obligations at the office as a volunteer, I am studying to earn a university diploma at Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology, one of the top universities in the Philippines. MSU – IIT is known for its excellence in engineering and other related courses.

As a Joomla webmaster I started ZERO. Zero knowledge and ZERO teacher. My best and dependable teacher is the internet, I learned a lot from forums, blogs, wikis and name it all! It was a challenging for me primarily because even though it is CMS it is still built using PHP, a coding language which until now little-I-knew. 

Well, those challenges made me stronger rather weak. I am still thankful because to-have-none makes me resourceful and creative with respect to the aspect of getting-what-you-want in life. 

Up to now, even though I can create a joomla template from scratch, I still cannot code PHP and Javascript. Honestly!

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Introduction to Search Engine Optimization - SEO

SEO 7 years ago(when I started) is just BACKLINKS! The more backlinks you get, the higher your are on the SERP.  To have a backlink on related niche before is a big bonus. It is somewhat one of the factors for SERP to put your website on the top. I remember keyword density for on-page factor, positioning of keyword at the top of the content and many assumed factors for effective ranking. Needles to say, off-page and on-page factor is already invented when I started working on SEO. 

So much with the before SEO, let me discuss my step-by-step improvement on SEO. Let me start when I work as a webmaster. So as I webmaster I am tasked to input all important data, from pictures to written content. Part of this main content are setting up Meta Tags and checking its word count. It is obvious that you want a catchy meta description because meta description will display on SERP snippet. With a catchy meta description you will naturally have higher percentage of traffic. So when the fish is in the net you really need to have a good call to action or website funnel to convert that traffic into lead. So to cut it short, I am the main man to do all the keyword research and data entry of meta tags. 

After 3 years of hard work as webmaster for a danish company, I continue my SEO journey as full time SEO worker. I was hired by a American Company as a Full time SEO worker. My formal training on SEO began when the American Company hired me. I spend my time reading and watching video tutorial on how to use automation software for internet marketing. Let me name a few: SENUKE (it was senuke before, then senukex then senukexcr), AMR, Bookmarking Demon, Traffic Travis, SEMrush, Ahref, Magic Submitter, Wiki blaster, Submiteaze, Scrapebox and more... I also listen to lots of webinars from the said applications. It was fun! :-)

With all the hard work, I was designated as a team manager with 25 clients. We are team of 5 individuals with varying specialties on internet marketing. We do all the article creation, social media posting, web design, SEO, directory listing, reputation management and whatever the company tells us to do.

Of course, everything has its ends, due to unsettled salary rate I was forced to leave the company and work for a better one. After 2 days of searching, I was hired by a real estate agent to do his website and then help him market it online. That is where I started as a Virtual Assistant.  

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Virtual Assistant

 To have an experience in SEO and Web Development is an edge for me upon applying as a Virtual Assistant. But, still I did numerous interviews and a lot of applications before I got a job as a VA.  To continue where I left, I was hired by a real estate agent to work for his website. Basically my tasks were to build a website out from scratch, market the keywords he is targeting and submit a daily report to him. As we go along, and as I manage to get his trust, the report submissions were converted into a biweekly consolidated report. Aside from it, some of the menial jobs I did was to read his email and respond to it but of course he read it first before I send it. I also do his time scheduling, publishing his weekly videos, moderating his blogs, edit and design banners and different types of tasks that a VA has to do. But there is only one thing that I can remember that I never did for him, that is to answer a phone call, primarily because of proximity. :-) 

Working with him is a lot of challenge, not in the context of time management rather in the context of skills. Although most of the tasks are menial jobs but, still it was my first to work as a VA. As the time went by, the job for me was an ABC. I can even manage to suggest my client on how to improve our work out put just by simply sending me a one-time video screenshot of what he wants me to do for that week, and everything followed smoothly. 

Well, even though it is hard, every beginnings will come to its end. After that VA experience with him, most of my applications  turned into VA rather as a Webmaster/SEO support. Working/applying as a VA gives me a more broad and wider arena to apply.  Statistically speaking most of the job opening in online are looking for VA. Switching from Webmaster/SEO support to VA was not hard primarily because VA work encompasses the latter. In some manner, I can say Webmaster/SEO support is a prerequisite of a VA but, it does not mean the one is higher than the other or vice versa. With that, a new Dan emerges. Capable to handle what the online job arena has to offer. I may not be the perfect VA as I have flaws but I must say I can be the "dependable VA" you'll ever have.

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Dan Fred Picardal (me!) is a 27 year oldFilipino SEO specialist, SEO worker, SEO marketing assistant, SEO virtual assistant, joomla webmaster, wordpress webmaster, online data researcher, competition data analyst, google analytics and webmaster assistant, online data entry personnel, senukexcr strategist, magic submitter end-user, traffic geyser end-user for almost 8 years

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